by:  Dale Lee Gordon
While "Pastor" Brock Dale Bernstein has done his all to silence me and hide his dirt in his closet, sometimes the best cure for the past is to talk about it.  

Wounds don't always cure by doctors, sometimes the only remedy is through Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior.  

I found by telling the truth, which is the foundation of God's Word the Holy Bible, there is healing and restoration.  While a court battle is not easy and nothing can ever truly be regained, Brock's past is no secret on my site.  While vengeance belongs to GOD, truth will not be silenced.  Brock was and is to this day at River City Church a man of GOD and even was my pastor at one time.  Friendships in my life were divided and Brock robbed my peace, and faith, hope and love, and for a while Brock even separated me from Jesus Christ.  I do believe what Brock did was a malicious and jealous attack in attempts to destroy this ministry, but let me tell you GOD's business is not destruction nor is Jesus name affiliated with Satan.  God is in the business of healing and restoring and now I am seeing even though Brock was in Satan's plans God reversed Brock's hatred and destruction for me and now God is showing me His plan of restoration in my life and why?

1 John 4:8  God is love.